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Our Legacy

Kaer is more than a brand crafting botanical remedies. We’re a family-backed business with a story that is generations in the making. Every milestone and moment in our history is a testament to the power of a family with a passion to create natural products that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

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The Tsai Home Apothecary

Herb collector and trader named Liang Hai Tsai sails across the strait from the Fujian province and settles in a small village in southern Taiwan. As he finds new ways to use raw herbs, making teas and topical creams, his interest in plant medicine becomes a passion. He turns his home into an apothecary to serve the impoverished community, unintentionally planting the seed to our family’s legacy.

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Keeping it in the Family

Tsai’s generous spirit and hard work earns him and his family respect from the town. Having spent years passing down his expertise in herbal healing, he leaves the business to his son and the tradition of helping others through botanical remedies continues on.

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A Few Manufacturing Firsts

Our first facility is built and operates as a manufacturing plant, leading to the launch of our first branded product line featuring concentrated herbals.

04 / 09

Quality and Safety Come First

Twelve years later, our second manufacturing facility is built, which earns us our national GMP certification. As it is our mission to create products that exceed quality standards, this is just the first of many globally recognized certifications to our name today.

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100 Years of Natural Healing

We celebrate 100 years of natural healing by thinking ahead to the next 100. Determined to use our expertise to spread the use and knowledge of plant medicine, we place roots down in the United States and, by 1995, our business begins operating globally.

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Making Discoveries and Paving the Way

A new year means welcoming in a new invention—we obtain a patent for our unique toxin removal technology. We’re always looking for new ways to evolve with science and iterate on what works well so that we can deliver the highest quality product.

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Caring for You and the Environment

Our third GMP certified manufacturing facility is built, and this one comes with an added bonus. Building with the environment entirely in mind, the facility passes the Green Building standards, becoming the nation’s first and only factory that is truly eco-friendly.

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Innovation is Intrinsic

We take the power of technology in stride to create formulas and processes that ensure that our customers get the most out of each supplement. In recognition of these cutting-edge capabilities and industry contributions, are awarded the 1st Annual Innovative Research Award.

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Introducing Kaer

With our centuries of expertise and intrinsic passion to bring the power of plants to modern day wellness, we set our eyes on a business model that goes beyond wholesale. We create our first direct-to-consumer brand in the US and bring you the brand you know today: Kaer.



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