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Our products go through the world’s most comprehensive testing protocol and inspection processes to ensure they pass the tests for the full range of today’s contaminants.


We have worked hard to achieve compliance with numerous, highly-rigorous and internationally-recognized quality management systems and national certification programs.


Our approach to product development is rooted in the fundamental belief in the body’s intelligence and ability to heal itself.

Great things take time

Our approach to plant medicine traces back to our apothecary beginnings in 1892.

Why our expertise and quality are superior

From sourcing to distribution, cutting corners is just not an option.

"Kaer has the best herbal supplements. Power Focus really helps me power through the day."

Sarah L.

"Been trying to get off a prescription drug and replace with an herbal dietary supplement. Finally found something that works and isn't harmful."

Olivia K.

"Kaer is the best herbal supplement store. I used to get terrible hangovers the morning after drinking, but with Bounce Back, no more hangovers!"

Cameron C.

"Gut Glow has completely healed my digestive system. Ordering these natural herbal supplements again."

Chelsea P.

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