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Our Philosophy

Mother Nature has more wisdom than we can ever understand—there are so many individual compounds of each plant that have yet to be discovered. While our roots rest in the tried and true practices of herbal remedies, we know that much like Mother Nature, wellness is far from stagnant. That’s why at Kaer, we continually evolve our formulas and practices alongside modern science and technology to develop products that adapt to your lifestyle.

Our Values

Our family values and unprecedented level of industry expertise have been passed down from one generation to the next for more than a century, building a brand backed by tradition and care. But in a world where Mother Nature shines, it’s our values that make us stand apart from the rest. 

Honest products that we can stand behind

Creating honest, legitimate products is more than a continued practice, it’s a deeply ingrained part of our DNA. We have an intimate understanding of every formula that bears our name and we stand by our products and our customers.

Going the extra mile is the only way

Take a step inside our ISO certified labs or leading facilities and one thing will be made clear: Safety and quality come first, always. From cutting-edge technology to assess the quality of our raw materials to a manufacturing process that tests every batch each step of the way, we choose to invest in our products to enhance the health and lives of those who use them.

Where holistic healing means helping others

Whether it’s our eco-friendly operations across each facility or emergency relief projects that enact change across the globe, we stand by our social duty to better the health of both our customers and the world.

There’s nothing to hide when you know where you stand

The secret to our family-run business success lies in the fact that we know that it’s better to do one thing well than many things adequately. For Kaer, it’s our undeniable expertise in delivering wellness as Mother Nature intended.