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The Immune System Booster - Kaer Naturals Body Armor

The modern lifestyles that we live today are often counterproductive to having our body’s perform at peak levels, and many are adding  immune system booster supplements to counteract that. Quite often, we don’t get adequate sleep, skip meals, are under constant stress, and struggle to find time to exercise regularly. 

While it often takes more than a supplement to negate all of that, natural supplementation can help us get through rough times when we are super busy and aren't taking proper care of ourselves. It can also further reinforce our defenses and serve as another layer of protection against pathogens. 

Kaer’s Body Armor is precisely that – an extra layer of protection that will keep you going through the flu season, and in this article, we will tell you how.

Seven ingredients – A simple but effective formula

Body Armor contains seven natural ingredients, including four mushrooms known to fight inflammation and build immunity. No additives, fillers, or chemicals- just plants and fungi. The formula contains:

  • Alisma Rhizome
  • Atractylodes Rhizome
  • Poria Mushroom
  • Polyporus Mushroom
  • Cinnamon Twig
  • Cordyceps Mushroom
  • Reishi Mushroom

All of the ingredients are natural, non-GMO, and vegan. There's no added sugar, and you don't need to worry about gluten either. Plus, the formula is in powder form so you can add it to your morning coffee or smoothie.

Antioxidants and immune system boosters

The ingredients in Body Armor are well-known in the Eastern traditional medicine, especially Chinese, and have been used for centuries for the potent effects they have on our bodies. 

For example, Bai Zhu (Atractylodes) is used as it protects the gastrointestinal tract, which is very important for the immunity system, but also protects the liver, fights stress, and has anti-aging properties.

Another Body Armor ingredient, Cinnamon twig, is a favorite first-line defense in Eastern traditional medicine against upper respiratory infections such as flu. Its pleasant smell is also very relaxing, which is very important as we all know how stress influences the immune system.

Reishi mushroom is an immune system booster all-star in traditional medicine, as it promotes white blood cell activity, which are key components of our immune systems. What's more, reishi helps us to keep the infections off, but also to go through them more quickly if we do catch a cold. Reishi has another benefit as it raises our energy levels, helping us push through our day even when going gets tough.

Cordyceps is another Eastern mushroom used in natural supplements primarily for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, which is the main reason why it found its place in Body Armor. Inflammation often follows infections, as our body tries to fight the infection cause through inflammation. However, when this happens too often, it can lead to chronic inflammation. For this reason, it's good to take natural anti-inflammatory supplements to help our body restore order once all pathogens are dealt with.

Getting rid of toxins and excess fluid

Body Armor is not only great as an immune system booster, but it also helps your body regulate water retention. Often, when our immune system is compromised, we start storing unnecessary water, primarily due to inflammation. This results in bloating and may feel like your entire body is swollen.

To combat this, the Body Armor formula contains mild diuretics Polyporus and Alisma, which help our bodies get rid of stuck excess water. This also releases trapped toxins, further assisting the immune system.

Because all of the ingredients in Body Armor are natural, you don't have to worry about excessive water loss either, which is often the problem with more potent and synthetic diuretics. When used as instructed with plenty of fluids throughout the day, it will have a positive impact on your kidneys and won't leave you dehydrated.

Kaer Naturals Body Armor - The Boost Your Immune Systems Needed

Body Armor’s formula stems from a very traditional formula used for centuries, and just like all Kaer products, the formula does exactly what it promises- giving your immune system a boost, making sure it stays alert and performing at its best. Also, it helps your body get rid of excess water, resulting in a less bloated and swollen look and in feeling trim and light overall.

Body Armor immune system booster is just that – a natural supplement that's designed to help your immunity cope with infections. When paired with a healthy lifestyle and diet, immune boosting supplements can help your body reach its peak performance. Body Armor may just be what your body needs to get past this flu season.



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