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A Close Look At How Our Products Are Made

There are tons of health supplements out there, and you might be wondering what goes into ours and how we make them that sets us apart. As a family business that dates back to 1892, our goal is not rapid growth but to pass on our philosophy, expertise and legacy for many generations to come.

Think of us as the grandma who’s been making bread her whole life. Although we use the same few ingredients as the new bakery down the road, it’s the details and techniques that make our bread taste different. Techniques like kneading, rolling, timing and the type/quality of equipment are all subtle but game-changing factors that make grandma’s bread special. And of course, you’d trust the grandmother who’s perfected the “secret home recipe” more than a friend who’s just starting out, right?

Over the past century, we have been staying on the forefront of science and technology to create natural remedies that truly nourish and heal. Although we have scaled up tremendously and are now a well-known international brand, our family still and will continue to oversee the full manufacturing process. Why don’t we just use a contract manufacturer and hope they know how to make our products? We want to keep grandma’s bread authentic and close to heart!

A patented toxin removal technology is one of our ways to ensure your safety. Our extraction steps are also based on our ancestors’ wisdom. To learn about everything that goes into making our products, we welcome you to read on.

1. Raw herbs

All of our products are made from natural ingredients and ethically harvested, showing our humble gratitude for Mother Nature’s wisdom.

Each batch of raw herbs needs to pass extensive inspection standards to ensure identity, safety, and quality. Highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art precision instruments in these initial inspection steps:

  • Identifying the plants with physical appearance, microscopic analysis and genetic (DNA) fingerprinting to ensure you get what’s on the product label. Many plants are very similar in appearance, but very different in functionality. Our experts’ trained eyes can clearly identify herbs in order to avoid detrimental misuse.
  • Ensuring safe levels of heavy metals and pesticides according to health guidelines with precise chemical identification and quantification instruments.
  • Analyzing the moisture content, purity and other properties that indicate the raw ingredients’ quality.

2. Preparation

Once accepted, the raw materials go through meticulous cleaning steps to remove foreign materials. Some ingredients also need to be fried or prepared using specific methods that are most suitable for their extraction.

3. Extraction

The extraction procedure is a very meticulous step that takes years to perfect. Materials are placed into a steam-heated rotary extractor. The spinning and precisely controlled temperature are optimized to mix and cook the ingredients thoroughly.

During extraction, we use a patented essential oil collection system that preserves the volatile oils. These are later added to the making to increase the product’s efficacy and infuse the herbs with their natural aromatic properties.

We pride ourselves in adhering to such traditional methods, as certain ingredients should be added to a formula at specific stages, rather than all at once.

It may not sound like a big deal, but grandma would disagree. Mixing the dry ingredients first and then adding in the wet ingredients is key to making a soft and fluffy bread. If you cook every ingredient separately, you obviously won’t get anything close to a bread. But if you just throw everything together at the same time, you will likely end up with a rock-solid “stone bread”!

Our extraction procedure is similar - some ingredients are meant together to create health-promoting synergies, but it’s not the same as tossing everything in a big bowl.

4. Concentration

The extracts in liquid form then flow directly into a vacuum concentration equipment, which gradually condenses the liquid through low temperature evaporation. This technique preserves the potency of the herbal extract that would otherwise be damaged under extended heat exposure.

The duration is adjusted until the best herbal extraction ratio is obtained. We have optimized this ratio for each formula through extensive trials and errors. This way, we do not under- or over-extract the herbs to maximize their health benefits in your hands.

5. Granulation

The concentrated extract then reaches a flow coater. Here, it is sprayed onto minute particles of a non-GMO base material (this is called a solvent). The granulator dries and forms the extract into its final granule form.

During this step, the flow coater is completely sealed off to prevent any cross-contamination. With the moisture evaporated, the result is a fine, free flowing extract granule that is now ready to be packaged.

6. Packaging

Here, the herb granule extracts are packaged into capsules and bottles. Each batch of production is assigned a unique lot number, which is printed at the bottom corner of the bottle’s label.

Like all plant products, the characteristics of herbs vary from season to season and year to year depending on the environment. Naturally, it is normal for the resulting granules to vary slightly in color, texture or aroma.

7. Quality Control

This is one of our most important steps, where quality assurance teams analyze each batch of products to ensure our herbal extracts meet rigorous international standards for safety, efficacy and consistency.

Our in house ISO 17025 laboratories use the latest precision instruments and methods to identify and analyze individual components.

Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) is a powerful instrument used in chemistry laboratories to make scientific breakthroughs. But we invested into this technology to identify individual ingredients and potential contaminants with high sensitivity, treating our production the same as rigorous research.

Keeping ahead of the technology curve has meant that we could detect things like aristolochic acid down to its trace amount. Aristolochic acids belong to a family of plant-derived carcinogens, and we make sure none of our products are not contaminated with even a low concentration of this compound.

Other safety controls include:

  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Pesticides Screening (up to 507 pesticide detection capability)
  • Microbial screening (E. Coli, Salmonella, Yeast and Mold, etc.)

Upon passing our finished product testing, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be issued. The COA documents the excellent quality of our herbal extracts. No batches of products will leave our manufacturing facility without a COA that proves the strict standards of quality control.

An evolving journey

Incorporating LCMS is one of the examples of how we use new techniques and instruments to stay current with things that could improve our products.

At Kaer, we don’t simply buy every piece of new equipment; we also learn from people at the forefront of science and technology by:

  • Participating in equipment exhibitions to learn about the latest methodologies and instruments
  • Carefully training all our technicians and manufacturing teams on existing equipment
  • Collaborating with top-tier Traditional Chinese Medicine schools, professors, Ph.D students and other industry experts

So what sets Kaer apart?

Phew, that was a long read and thank you for making it here. We hold customers’ safety and wellness to heart, so you can have the peace of mind.

Our standard is a collection of the strictest criteria from Taiwan, Singapore, Israel, Australia, U.S., and the E.U, which is also known as the “Golden Standard”

Back to the question in the very beginning, what sets us apart?

First and foremost, our family is dedicated to keep “grandma’s bread” authentic for many more generations. We oversee the whole production chain to ensure everything is only different in scale but not quality.

While we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our offerings through science and technology, we stay as a passion-driven family business at heart. We treat every aspect of the business with integrity, honesty and transparency and we treat you as our family. Afterall, your wellness is what measures our legacy.



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