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Skin health practices that you can do in under a minute

Let’s face it - with everything that’s going on in your life, what inevitably takes a backseat is your skin health. As quick and easy as influencers and celebrities on social media make it look, a consistent skincare routine

We’ve all found ourselves pleading to our inner glow goddess to make an appearance, but she seems to be struggling with woes of her own. We get it- and we’re here to offer some solutions that aren’t time consuming and don’t cost a fortune. Think of these one-minute skin health practices as instant gratification - happy minute is the new happy hour.

A solution that you might have debated, (and we’ve flirted with), here’s us saying it, is - One-minute beauty and skin care. It is legit. It just is. Think of the one-minute skin health practice as instant gratification - something that is the call of hour, but not necessarily ideal.

Here are 3 at-home healthy skin care practices that work and get the job done.

  • Rose water and glycerin

Whether you have dry, oily, combination or normal skin - it needs to be moisturized. Here’s a solution that you can make at home and lather on all over, including your face, to feel moisturized. In a jar, mix 1 part glycerin with 2 parts of rose water. You can get these products at your local health food store. Pour some onto your palm and massage it all over your body. Feel your skin getting instantly soft and looking healthier than before. The best part is that the mixture can be made well in advance, ready to use whenever you have a minute to spare. Fuss-free and effective! 

  • Neck massage 

Your skin health is deeply affected by stress. Generally,stress creates tension and stiffness in your neck, making it harder for blood to flow through to your face.  It is also the reason why you feel like cracking your neck from time to time. To release stress and let the blood flow more effectively to your face, give yourself a neck massage. (Don’t get us wrong- we love a good spa. But sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get to one.)

Take a minute and place your thumbs on your neck. Move them in circular motions while applying pressure. Not only will you get some relief, you may also physically feel the blood rush to your face.

  • Salt, sugar, honey and coconut oil scrub 

Who knew that some kitchen staples and a little coconut oil could be the solution that your skin was yearning for? Patchy and scaly skin can be off putting, let alone uncomfortable. Use this DIY scrub and say hello to healthy skin care that doesn’t cost a fortune and yields better results.

In a clean glass jar, make a paste of equal parts of salt and sugar, mix in 3 tablespoons of honey and the same of coconut oil. Massage onto your skin for a minute and wash away with warm water. Give way to soft skin every time you use it.

Keep these healthy skin care hacks that take under a minute handy. But, if you want a solution that reveals your inner glow - try Gut Glow.

Gut Glow is a natural wellness supplement that nourishes your skin. It works from within and helps eliminate the root of inflammation (the main culprit of those notorious breakouts). It is a simple, clean herbal formula made with Rhubarb, Scute Root, and Coptis, Gut Glow is the perfect long-term solution for your skin woes.

What’s best it is a skin health routine that you can do everyday and it definitely takes less than a minute. 

Get ready to let your skin glow with Gut Glow.

Take kaer.



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