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Ways to manage and relieve stress and anxiety induced by work

Work can be draining. We can empathize. Use these hacks that help relieve stress and anxiety and feel more in control. 

Make a list of your tasks

Putting pen to paper to make a list of tasks that you have to accomplish is a great start to achieve more within your day. Not only does it help with making sure you don’t forget any tasks, the feeling of seeing a completed checklist gives us a little extra confidence boost.An additional effort that may take you a long way is prioritizing the tasks on your list. Adding value to each task can help you prioritize those that are most important or time-sensitive. 

When you start checking off the list, it can help your mind and body feel less stressed and overwhelmed by them. Relieve stress and anxiety by getting your priorities for the day right. 

No to coffee, yes to water

Your morning cup is a must-have. We won’t dare deny you that. However, we all know that too much of anything, especially coffee, can lead to a bad thing. Some reasons why too much coffee can have adverse effects:

  • Adenosine found in coffee can make you alert for short spurts, but can cause difficulty winding down at the end of the day which leads to grogginess.
  • Adrenaline is released from coffee consumption resulting in a temporary boost, but a slump after. This slump may cause depression and anxiety. 
  • Cortisol or the stress hormone is released by coffee in your body. 

To refresh yourself from time to time - try reaching out for a glass of water instead. Add slices of your favorite citrus or herbs for extra flavor and benefits. 

Go AWOL for 10 minutes

Catching a breath on a busy work day might seem like a task in itself. Taking short and frequent breaks is recommended as it helps boost your productivity. If you can’t manage frequent breaks, we suggest taking ten minutes from your day away from all devices - yes, that includes your phone!  Use these 10 minutes to do anything that you enjoy.  Here are some things we’ve found ourselves doing during this time:

  • Water the plants
  • Playtime with pets
  • Go on a short drive
  • Listen to music
  • Munch on healthy snacks
  • Getting to that skincare routine
  • Make the bed or better yet, change the sheets 
  • Reorganize the kitchen

These 10 minutes could help you relieve stress and anxiety and become more productive throughout the day.

Be consistent with the timing of each meal

Skipping meals may seem like the easiest way to maximize time in your day, but it is detrimental to your health in many ways. According to research, skipping meals can increase stress-related symptoms such as headaches and shoulder tightness.

Some of you might prefer eating while you work. This may be okay occasionally, but making this an everyday practice is not advisable. Though it seems to make sense to eat while you work, we recommend making a conscious effort to eat away from the computer. Your food and nutrition affects your overall health, it deserves your attention. When you work while you eat, you aren’t as mindful of what or how much you are eating - which may lead you to over or under eat. 

The big and small

Another great way to feel less overwhelmed by work is to break up tasks and spread your day into big and small tasks. The natural choice would be to tackle all the large tasks first and then get to the smaller ones, but that might not necessarily be the best way to go about things as it might wear you out sooner. 

Mix it up - when you’re done with a large task, reward yourself with the smaller ones.

Feeling stressed and anxious while at work is understandable. All you can do is go into it with a strong mindset and not let it take over your health.

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Keep your cool and carry on. 

Take kaer.



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