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Bounce Back - the herbal hangover remedy that helps you recover after drinking

Alcohol may mark your celebrations and grief. Whether you want to forget a bad date, or  are on a good one, there’s always a reason to have a drink or two. While an occasional drink or glass of wine can have its health benefits, a glass too many and too often and the long term impacts on your body may be detrimental. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines excessive drinking as eight drinks or more per week for women and fifteen drinks or more per week for men. Excessive drinking may leave you with mood swings, troubled sleeping patterns, slurred speech, change in behavior, bloating, and more. Not only are there immediate side effects, there are further marked long term impacts on your health that overconsumption of alcohol can cause. 

The brain and central nervous system

Slurred speech is one of the first indicators of too much alcohol in your body. Alcohol affects the communication that takes place between your brain and other organs that can affect your coordination.

Regular and higher levels of drinking are also known to shrink the hippocampus, claims research by the British Medical Journal. The hippocampus is associated with your long term memory. 

Inflammation and liver damage

The liver breaks down and removes harmful substances from your body, including alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol impedes this function. Alcohol consumption also increases your chances of chronic liver inflammation and liver disease. Some long-term diseases resulting from a damaged liver include: 

  • Fatty liver - like the name, Fatty liver is a buildup of fatty cells in your liver which cause fatigue, weakness, weight loss and more
  • Alcoholic hepatitis - found in people who consume alcohol regularly, alcoholic hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver 
  • Fibrosis - is the formation of abnormally large scar tissues in the liver. Repairing and replacement of damaged cells trigger the onset of fibrosis. 
  • Cirrhosis - chronic liver damage caused by the scarring of tissue and liver inflammation 

Liver failure is often life-threatening and not worth even all the greatest alcohol put together. 

Dependency on alcohol

People who drink excessively are likely to develop a physical and emotional dependency on alcohol. Withdrawal from alcohol can be painful and life-threatening.  Detoxification may require seeking professional help. Some common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Nervousness 
  • Tremors 
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure 
  • Palpitations 

There are other effects that abuse of alcohol can have on your body which include heart damage, lung infections, cancer and more. Our advice is not to give alcohol a hard pass every time. Enjoying it occasionally and responsibly is recommended. 

Count the times that you’ve had to pop a pill to cure hangovers just to get through your morning. Short term effects of having too much alcohol in your system throw off your productivity, in addition to

  • Bloating, gas and stomach ulcers
  • Hallucinations and blackouts 
  • Numbness and muscle cramps

Doesn’t just thinking about a bad hangover trigger anxiety? Bounce Back is a herbal hangover remedy that when taken 30 minutes before your first drink helps you prevent a hangover altogether. 

The unique blend of vitamins and herbs of Bounce Back help your body replenish vital nutrients and aid detoxification. Cardamom, Poria, Ginseng, Turmeric are just some of the ingredients found in Bounce Back that benefit healthy liver functions. 

Prevent a hangover on your big night or day out with Bounce Back rather than nursing one. Take two capsules half an hour before your first drink and for extra assurance, take two more when the night ends. Try it and you will never drink without it again. 

Cheers to you! Take kaer.



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