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What happens in your gut reflects on your skin – understanding skin and gut health

Our skin is a mirror to our gut health. The healthier our gut, the better our skin. Of course genetics, hormones, diet and nutrition play an important role, but when it comes to healthy skin, the gut has the final say.

Often mistaken to be only our intestines, our gastrointestinal tract or gut involves our mouth, esophagus, stomach, and the large and small intestines. This tract is home to millions of microbial cells which are good and bad. The constant balance between the good and bad bacteria or cells is what determines the health of our gut and resultantly of our skin.

Know your gut

A healthy gut is not just for great skin - it is crucial for our holistic well-being. Most of us have embraced a diet high in protein and minimized or even eliminated gluten. We make sure that our bodies get ample probiotics that keep those good bacteria in our guts alive and kicking. Though these choices may help us fit in those skinny jeans, they may not be enough to get that glowing skin without the Instagram filter.

Common lifestyle choices that lead to stress and lack of sleep promote the growth of bad bacteria in our guts. The rise of bad bacteria leads to imbalance which in turn causes skin-aggravating inflammation. Acne, eczema, redness, sensitivity are a few common examples of such inflammation.

It is well established that striking a balance between the good and bad bacteria is crucial to gut health. Think more than just probiotics. Extend your nutritional periphery to include prebiotics and synbiotics that are not commonly found in our diets or superfoods such as kefir, miso or tempeh.

Gut Glow from Kaer

At Kaer, we know that real wellness starts from within. Our plant-based supplements have roots in ancient science and have evolved with the needs of the modern world. Gut Glow is a natural herbal supplement that promotes the growth of good gut bacteria.

Using a classic formula, Gut Glow balances your digestive health and nourishes your skin. It enhances the growth of good gut bacteria and helps you glow from inside out. Made from rhubarb, scute root and coptis rhizome, Gut Glow treats the root of inflammation.

Not-so secret ingredients of Gut Glow

Rhubarb is a tangy tasting vegetable, commonly mistaken as a fruit. Loved for its pink color, it is an ancient prebiotic that contains several elements that help improve your digestion.

Coptis is a stemless perennial herb which works to aid gastrointestinal pain and discomfort. Its therapeutic actions create a healthy microbial environment where good bacteria thrives.

Scute is a powerful herb that supports the immune functions of our body. As an antioxidant with anti-bacterial properties, scute is used in Gut Glow to soothe your GI tract and reduce inflammation.

Neatly packed in glass amber bottles, you can take two Gut Glow capsules up to three times every day. We retail it at $39 for 60 capsules or $35 with a monthly subscription.

Kaer has a rich history in natural healing that dates back to 1892. We are proud and excited to extend our range of carefully crafted plant-based vitamins and supplements that help you become the best version of yourself.

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