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Stress relief supplements and techniques that calm your mind and body

Stress and anxiety are a part of our everyday lives. We recommend these stress relief techniques and supplements that help you get by and feel more relaxed.

Guided imagery 

Guided imagery is a form of focused relaxation that helps create harmony between the mind and body. It uses your imagination to create calm, tranquil visuals in your mind that provide a mental escape. Think of it as a vivid daydream - with practice, this technique can help you access insight to your inner self. Not only can it help you de-stress in minutes, but it can also be a useful strategy to build resilience toward stress during tumultuous times. 

This technique can be practiced with a specialist, or be done at home with your inner voice and imagination. Studies have shown that guided imagery provides a quick and efficient reduction of stress, mentally and physically. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let your imagination take over.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Are you experiencing headaches, increase in your blood sugar levels or even lower back pain? These might be symptoms that your body and mind are under stress. In modern medicine, techniques like progressive muscle relaxation are used to help combat anxiety and insomnia.

Progressive muscle relaxation is a deep relaxation technique that can be practiced easily at home:

  • Contract a group of muscles for upto 5 to 10 seconds while taking deep breaths. 
  • While exhaling, try and focus on the group of muscles and feel the tension leaving your body. 
  • Relax for 10 to 20 seconds before you move onto the next group of muscles. 

One-on-one pep talk 

A heartfelt one-on-one with yourself might sound a little off, but trust us - it works.. Make it a habit to take a few minutes a day and talk (and listen) to yourself. Some days, there may be topics that you have been avoiding with yourself that are difficult to confront. On others, the conversation with yourself may be lighthearted and playful. Notice the things that come up when you take the time to listen to your mind and your body.

If this becomes too overwhelming, try to find an encouraging affirmation to say to yourself. As you become more confident in this practice, add more affirmations each day.

Chew gum

Not the most conventional way to beat stress, but Research has shown that the simple act of chewing on a gum can help reduce stress and anxiety and promote a better mood. The methodical act of chewing gum helps you concentrate and keep a level head.

So the next time you feel stress coming on, reach for that Trident.

Take stress relief supplements

A foolproof way to alleviate stress is to be consistent in Kaer’s Chill Pill that’s designed to help you relax. While prescription drugs may give you temporary relief, they only mask these symptoms and come with unwanted long-term effects that can be detrimental to your overall health. Research concludes that patients taking antidepressants experienced increased anxiety during the first few weeks of taking the prescribed drugs and built tolerance to these synthetic medications. Herbal stress relief supplements address the root cause of stress and anxiety without the harsh side effects.

Chill Pill is a natural stress relief supplement made with Jujube fruits and seeds, GABA amino acid and Poria mushrooms. The rich Vitamin C content of Jujube is known to nourish the mind and body into relaxation. Chill Pill is a vegan, non-GMO, and chemical free product that is safe for everyday use.

Although stress and anxiety are unavoidable, managing them so that they don’t impede your life is possible. Compliment stress relief supplements with natural techniques to experience a shift in your overall well being.

Take Kaer.



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