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Kaer Naturals - ancient wisdom for the modern soul

A medicine isn’t truly healing if it treats one problem or symptom while creating another - the solution can’t be worse than the problem. While Big Pharma claims that modern medicine is highly developed and the most effective, we have more diseases and health problems today than ever.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a recent and global revelation that our health and our healthcare systems are nowhere close to where they should and could be - which doesn’t come as a surprise for some of us. With pharmaceutical companies and the pills they’ve been feeding you in the name of medicine, you may have become skeptical and taken notice that you need to look for solutions elsewhere.

Increasingly, Americans and western society are adopting traditional, complementary medicine and healing techniques. At Kaer, we’ve never doubted the healing powers that Mother Nature offers. It has been our privilege and now our expertise to offer plant-based herbal remedies to communities since 1892.

What others have only just begun to appreciate and scratch the surface of, we’ve been perfecting for several decades. Step into our GMP certified manufacturing sites and you are likely to be in awe at all the work that goes into our supplements and what plant-based compounds can do for your health.


Supports healthy bodily function

Our body has the power to heal itself. This is the principle that our herbal healing supplements are based on. Unlike synthetic drugs and OTC medicines that aim to override a problem, Kaer’s herbal supplements support natural bodily functions.

As the world and science evolve, so do the usage of the plant compounds in our formulas and technology we invest in. New discoveries, complemented by technical innovation ensure that we keep extending the wellness that you deserve. The only supplements we put on the market are ones that our scientists conclude as safe and beneficial.


Doing one thing, and doing it well

Stress, insomnia, lack of sleep, inflammation, poor gut and immunity health, are the common challenges that most of us struggle with. All of our products have been formulated to help you tackle each day as best you can.

Every product batch is produced with a Certificate of Analysis and only batches that fulfill the ‘Golden Standard’ make the cut and are made available to you. Our formulas are inspired by tried and true recipes that have been used in Eastern civilization for centuries, and modified to cater to the modern lifestyle.

By choosing our products you not only make a decision to become healthier, but also take responsibility for our planet’s health. Eco-friendly operations, sustainably sourced ingredients, supporting local communities - there is more to what meets the eye with Kaer.

Experience wellness the way Mother Nature intended.

Take Kaer.



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